What is a Wedding Consultant And Why Do I Want One?

There’s a reason they refer to your wedding day as “The Big Day.” There is a lot of planning and preparation that has to take place to make sure every detail is just the way you hoped. The sheer amount of decisions and variables to keep track of can be overwhelming for many couples who are trying to plan their wedding

What is a Wedding Consultant?

A wedding day consultant can help a couple plan the event and help to make sure “The Big Day” goes off without a hitch. They focus on making sure everything goes according to plan, from making sure everyone is seated and ready for the ceremony to ensuring that the correct meals are served to each guest. All of those details and variables that can cause stress for the bride and groom can be overseen by the wedding consultant.

A wedding consultant more specialized in their focus than that of wedding planners. They are focused on the actual execution of the wedding, being certain that every aspect of the day is carried out just the way the couple hoped. They can also help with aspects of planning such as coordinating for couples and their traveling loved ones.

Do I need a Wedding Consultant?

A wedding consultant can help you to be sure everything is ready for your wedding day. If something unexpected happens, the wedding consultant can make sure the issue is handled discreetly and quickly, often so that the couple isn’t even aware there was a problem. The consultant can also coordinate with your vendors to be sure that the food, flowers, decor, and other staff members at the venue are all working in sync to make your wedding perfect.

Wedding consultants help to ensure that your wedding sticks the vision you had in mind. They help to conduct the wedding rehearsal, which means everyone will be on the same page and know where they need to be from the processional to the recessional. This includes working with the officiant to make sure that all aspects of the ceremony are just the way the couple planned.

On the day of the wedding, the wedding consultant will be sure that the day stays on track and that each detail plays out as you have envisioned. The wedding consultant will also have a schedule that they have created and modified as necessary to make sure that they can respond to any needs of the bride and groom. Doing this means that the wedding will move forward at the pace the couple set and all activities will happen according to plan.

The Wedding Consultants at Allure

The Allure is “Your One-Stop Wedding Shop.” As part of your wedding services, you’ll have access to a wedding consultant who will plan the event with you leading up to the wedding, and on the actual wedding day, your consultant will be sure that everything goes according to plan. You’ll have someone to assist with your wedding, from the first tasting to the final dance of your reception.

Your wedding consultant will function as your “point person,” the person who will coordinate all of the aspects of the day, confirm vendor contracts, and be sure the guest counts are in order. Your consultant will help you follow up on loose ends and allow you to tweak any details leading up to your big day. Everything will be taken care of, and you’ll be free to enjoy your wedding day!

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