Side Hustles For A Bride On A Budget

In today’s world, it seems like everybody has a side hustle, and brides are no exception.  “The Big Day” can be expensive, so here are some side hustles– or “bride hustles”– you should consider. 

Get Paid to Declutter

If you look around your home, chances are you could stand to do a bit of decluttering.  You can see if some of your unused or unwanted items might be worth something.  There are lots of platforms that allow you to see your stuff, from eBay to Poshmark and Mercari, you can even consider Facebook Marketplace for a local option.

Create Some Handmade Goods

If you’re an artsy sort of person, you should consider starting a handmade business and sell your work on sites like Etsy or Society6.  Sites like Etsy will allow you to make and sell products like jewelry or knitting.  Sites like Society6 allows you to create art prints that they will then sell as art prints or other products and you’ll earn a royalty.  Either method can be a great way to put your artistic talents to lucrative use.

Make Use of Unused Space

Do you have a spare room in your place or have somewhere you can stay on weekends?  Consider using Airbnb or even Vrbo to rent out your space.  Depending upon your location, you could make an extra thousand dollars by renting out your place for a few nights each month. 

Share Your Ride

Much like renting out your spare room or your place, you can rent your car via apps like Turo.  In fact, the average person on Turo pulls in about $700 per month renting their car.  If you don’t use your car that much, this could be a great way to generate some passive income.

What if your wedding dreams are still bigger than your budget?

Some brides find themselves in a situation where they “have champagne taste but are on a beer budget.”  What can you do if you find yourself in this situation?


First, you can make sacrifices to cut costs.  Look at what is most important to you and decide where you can sacrifice to make room in your budget.  For example, you might cut down your guest list or go for a lower priced venue, dress, or caterer.  This can help you lower costs in areas that are less important to you so you can focus your energy and budget on aspects of the big day that you really want to splurge on.


Second, if cutting costs isn’t an option, you can try to save more money.  You can achieve this by having a longer engagement and taking your time to build up your savings to pay for those big budget aspects you’d really like to include in your big day.  You can also make the most of the side hustles we’ve discussed in this post.  If you’re looking for more side hustle ideas, you can also check out Side Hustle Nation or Side Hustle School.