8 Common Wedding Etiquette Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Planning a wedding is stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. You want every detail to be perfect, but there are so many things to consider it can be easy to make a misstep here and there. That’s where we come in–we’ve broken down some common wedding etiquette mistakes and provided advice on how to avoid insulting your guests, looking tacky, or creating unnecessary drama on your big day. Read on to sidestep the faux pas and execute your wedding like a bride boss!

Posting Your Engagement on Social Media Too Soon

The first taboo you want to avoid is blasting images of your bling online before sharing your big news with family first. Don’t risk crushing your grandma or great aunt Jane–make sure you’ve personally told all of the important people in your life that you’re engaged, whether that’s in person or via a phone call. Then feel free to share away on the web!

Bride and Groom Engagement Photo

Including Your Registry on the Invitation

The purpose of the wedding invitation is to invite your guests and let them know you want them at the event. The invitation is not meant to solicit gifts. If your friends and family members want to find your registry, they will–or they’ll ask! You can also include an insert card within your invitation that has a link to your wedding website, but make sure your website has a lot of information — hotel reservations, transportation details — and not just your desired linens.

Creating Plus-One Drama

It can be hard to know what to do with single guests, particularly if you’re trying to keep your guest list numbers down. It’s extra complicated because each person on your list has a unique relationship situation and may take offense if their single status is assumed to be long-term. To avoid upsetting people, it’s best to assume everyone you invite will bring a date. If you want this person to celebrate with you, give her the chance to bring someone for a fun and fancy night out. Just be clear of your RSVP date and make sure to follow up if you don’t hear back so you can order enough food.

Making Wedding List of Invites

Forgetting to Feed Your Vendors

Wedding days are LONG for the people working hard behind the scenes. Be sure to include place settings for your photographer/videographer, coordinator, and any other vendors who happen to be at the reception. It’s a nice gesture that will surely be appreciated. A fed vendor is a happy vendor!

Timing Things Poorly

Similarly, you don’t want your guests to become hangry (hungry+angry=not a pleasant combination). It’s best to have the cocktail and passed appetizer hour start as soon as guests leave the ceremony space. This gives everyone a chance to mingle and munch while you have photographs taken and ensures no one gets antsy or bored waiting for the next phase of the event to begin. If you happen to have a large gap of time between your ceremony and reception, provide some sort of lunch or recommend activities with food nearby, like putt-putt golf or a fun local brewpub.

Assortment of Food and Drinks for Guests

Neglecting Your Bridal Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen have spent a lot of money on travel, attire, hotel rooms and more to be a part of your big day. Include them in your gift planning. The recommended range is $75-150–think a monogrammed necklace or cufflinks, perhaps, something they can use again and again. Another thing to consider is covering their hair and makeup costs, particularly if you’re insisting on them having it done professionally.

Also, make sure to feed them! Arrange coffee and danishes/mimosas for the girls during hair and makeup, and make sure the guys get a nice lunch at a local brewery before they shower and shave.

Making Your Guests Pay For Their Drinks

The bar bill will be high, yes, but people expect to have a good time. You can save money by offering signature cocktails, only beer and wine, limiting the time the bar is open, or matching your drinks to your cuisine theme. Unless you’re a teetotaler, stock that bar and cover the costs!

Ignoring Guests

Receiving lines are fading in popularity, but making a point to greet and thank each guest is very important. You’ll be distracted and likely overwhelmed, but make a point to hug and say hi to everyone. Stop by each table during dinner for a quick hello, or groove with various groups of friends on the dance floor. If you happen to miss someone, make a mental note of it and be sure to find them at brunch the next morning for some quality time.

Keep these reminders in mind to avoid hurt feelings or wedding day drama. If you’re looking for a venue with a wedding coordinator who will handle the details, call the team at The Allure today at (219) 369-6456!