“Cottagecore”: A 2021 Wedding Trend You Should Know

2020 had us spending a lot of time at home, longing for familiar comforts. Enter Cottagecore, a small trend on Pinterest and the like for years, now growing in mainstream popularity thanks to stay-at-home orders and a desire for simplicity and nostalgia. Let’s take a look at how this trend is sure to show up in 2021 weddings, as well as a few other trends brides and grooms should know as we bid farewell to 2020.

What is a Wedding Consultant And Why Do I Want One?

There’s a reason they refer to your wedding day as “The Big Day.” There is a lot of planning and preparation that has to take place to make sure every detail is just the way you hoped. The sheer amount of decisions and variables to keep track of can be overwhelming for many couples who […]

The Basics Of Insuring Your Engagement Ring

Pink Engagement Ring

You’ve said yes! and have shown off the bling. Now it’s time to start the wedding planning process. There is one very important task you may not have thought to put on your list–adding your new ring to your insurance plan! This can be done as soon as the question is popped, but it’s never […]

Your Something New: Top 10 Revamped Wedding Traditions for 2020

Bride and Groom Running - Wedding Traditions

New wedding tradition twists on the old favorites/standbys as well as trends we hope catch on for years to come! Weddings have long been driven by tradition. Bridesmaids, for example, originated in Ancient Rome as a method of protection for the bride. The matching dresses would confuse the evil spirits and prevent them from finding […]